Darkness is the space between the sets. Darkness has no associated predefined actions or thoughts. Darkness is the ultimate freedom.

What exists in Darkness is sparse, nothing is defined, everything is possible. It occupies the far reaches of the spacescape, illuminated by sets and clusters.

Darkness cannot be seen directly nor is it detectable by any instruments. It is characterised as simply not being reactive to light. Light is all that is emitted by the sets and clusters.

The Drifter plunges into Darkness by being both propelled away from the clusters and pulled by the gravity of the Darkness. An Imperson can unexpectedly be flung into Darkness, forced to drift.

Here a Drifter is pressed by nothing, leans on nothing, cannot see and cannot be seen.
Darkness does not facilitate life and a prolonged existence there threatens survival.
Some Impersons dream of Darkness from the safety of the clusters, some don’t harbor the desire, some cannot bear the idea of it and close their eyes. Darkness itself is impartial to opinion.

13.7 billion years ago, the estimated distribution of Darkness was at 68% and today this has declined to 26.8%.

Installation performance by Nadine Hattom and Franziskus Nakajima
25 September 2014, 19:30 h
Duration: ca. 30 min.
Entrance fee: donation based