The critical thinking being is ungovernable.

Their defining act is to evaluate and reflect on experience of and relating to the sets.

To the critical thinking being, the Drifter, the sets present a fundamental problem of authenticity.

In navigating through the sets, the Drifter remains on the outer regions and becomes increasingly uncomfortable the closer they come to assuming all the attributes of a given set.

Collective Impersons attempt to force the Drifter to move deeper into a set or toward the inner regions.

The Drifter is a resister, resisting the gravity towards the center of the cluster.

They can become the target of Impersons, who feel threatened by the possibility of the Drifter dragging them into the outer regions, and of governing bodies that sense a threat towards the stability of the cluster.

What determines a Drifter can often relate to an experience of set shifting.

Set shifting is never seamless and includes a violent breach from one set to another.

The advantage is that inevitably, along the way, the space between the sets is encountered.

Only in the space between the sets is the Drifter free.

Returning to this space can be subsequently achieved albeit with great difficulty and not for any length of time before the Drifter begins to impersonate again.

Lecture performance by Jussi Suvanto and Jaakko Karhunen
31 July 2014, 19:30 h, duration: approx. 1h
Entrance fee: donation based