The Imperson is a master of escape, its origins dictated by the necessity of survival.

Motives of escape have changed over time, but the principle remains - escape danger, develop means and methods to ensure successful escape.

In the history of the Imperson this common and important goal became an umbrella for weaponry, the military, propaganda, media and entertainment.

Subjects of escape appear as fireworks, exploding, mesmerising and fantastical before disappearing, leaving behind only a trace of smoke and the absence of sound, colour and light.

Escape is the medium with which the actions of the set are broadcast to the clusters. The Imperson imitates these actions and relays them, thereby adding to the gravitational force of the cluster.

The need to escape arises from the remnants of the Drifter inside the Imperson or from elements of other sets.

In the event of becoming a complete Imperson, the need for escape vanishes. The escape was successful.

In order for the drifter to escape impersonation, they have to leave the realm of escape and plunge into darkness.

Dance performance by David Hall
28 August 2014, 19:30 h
Duration: n/a
Entrance fee: donation based